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Hi my name is Rosie Lee

After months of putting up with stomach pain and loss of weight I decided it was time to face my demons. I had both colonoscopy and gastroscopy on the 18 Dec 2007. I was told the dreaded words YOU Have Stomach Cancer. First thought that ran through my head. How long have I got? I remember feeling calm I looked over to my husband, Jeff. He had turned pale. I asked many question that night. Over the next few weeks I went through all the different tests. Bone Marrow biopsy, bloods, PET scan, CT scan, MRI. The biopsy from the stomach showed it was a rare MALT lymphoma and could be treated by drugs and chemo.

Over Christmas I was placed on the wait and see list at the same time I was placed on antibiotics. February after another gastroscopy they had found that the cancer loved the antibiotics and the cancer had spread in my stomach from a low grade to a high grade. Next move Cat scan to map out my stomach I was commenced on four weeks of daily radiation. All went well even though I felt like "smoking Joe" after each session. I felt like I was burning from the inside out.

In May I went into remission the Cancer had been successfully killed off. Then a hiccup occurred. In June I had found a lump on the left side of my neck. Back to the drawing board. More battery of tests. Mid July, part of the lump had been removed from my neck. Biopsy confirmed a more aggressive type of cancer "large diffuse B cell lymphoma". August I was commenced on Chemotherapy RCHOP14. This treatment finished in the last week in October 2008. I was now back in remission. I continued for another month on fortnightly Mabthera IV therapy treatment.

Meanwhile at the beginning of 2008 Marilyn was informed she had cancer. As we went through our different regimes of treatment we continually supported each other. It was difficult at times as we both lived in different states. Mal lived in Queensland and I live in Tasmania, Thank goodness for Skype. We always made sure our wigs were on straight prior to skyping each other.

I am a music student studying Simply Music a course that thinks outside the square. Studying music was the best medicine for me. It took me to another world were I could disassociate my pain and any other discomforts. One evening in 2008 the music to this song came to me. June 1st 2009 the words of the first verse ran through my mind. I dearly wanted to ring the hospital where Mal was and play it to her. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Mal passed away the next morning. 2010 song completed.

I hope by producing this song, it will help anyone suffering from a loss to move on and find peace.

Keep Well and Enjoy Life.


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