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I am Some-One

I wrote this poem “I am Some-One” in August, when I was feeling a little unsure of why I am venturing into the unknown territory of the hidden depths of the Web site.

I am an ordinary person with a loving family and I have many valuable friends. I have experienced cancer. I have also lost family and friends from cancer. My daughter’s father-in-law is now going through chemo treatment.

The big “C” can attack anyone from all walks of life in any country. From the rich and famous to the poor, babies, young children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

For me this new venture on the web site is about providing support and allowing anyone who has been or is going through cancer and their carers, to come on board my site to share their experiences.

Music kept me sane throughout my “Big C” ordeal. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could compose music and lyrics. The song “One Day We’ll Meet Again” came from my heart when I was feeling a loss of a friend. I am hoping this song can help anyone going through a loss find peace.

Being famous is having a voice for all to hear. My voice is small, my dreams are big.

I am just a mere speck in this vast universe, who would like to be given a chance, to have a go at making a difference in supporting Cancer Researchers, find ways to eradicate cancer forever.



I am Some-One

Because, I’m no-one,

no-one wants to speak to me,

no-one wants to see me,

no-one wants to hear me.

If I was famous,

all will want to speak to me,

all will want to see me,

all will want to hear me.

But, since I’m no-one,

I feel invisible

hiding on this web site,

no-one really cares

of my dreams to share.

My thoughts, my pain,

my determination

for eradication,

of all

the cancers in this world.

I am some-one,

hoping that every-one

will support me in this fight.

By Rosie Lee

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