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I have just had another dose of Intragam last Friday and as usual it makes me feel a little unwell. To try and overcome this feeling of unwellness I love to sit and daydream I guess this is a typical Pisces mannerism. Piscean’s are sensitive creatures that can be dreamy imaginative, mystical, intuitive and compassionate. Piscean’s can also be weak-willed and easily lead and idealistic. That’s me:)

As I gaze out to the sea my mind is racing. My thoughts are whirling around reminding me how lucky I am that I am still here in this beautiful world of ours. I love watching the sunrise and sunset. The colours are magically breathtaking. The sea is amazing as it changes its moods from calm to anger. Calm, the waves gently caress the rocks and foreshore. When the mood swings to anger, the waves become wild, confused and violently crash onto the foreshore and rocks. I find this beautifully intriguing because you never know what treasures the sea will spit out onto the beach. Walking on the sand can be fun finding those special little gems.

Take time to reflect and enjoy the special things in your life.


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