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Raw Emotions

Happy New Year

Jeff and I enjoyed New Year’s Eve with friends from Melbourne.

Trevor Huggard former Lord Mayor of Melbourne has just completed his 30th consecutive crossing in the Melbourne to Hobart yacht race. This is a major achievement in blue water yacht racing.

In 2005 Trevor had been diagnosed with cancer and this small inconvenience did not stop him competing after his treatment. He is now cancer free:)

Prior to midnight we boarded the Yacht “Yoko” which is owned by Robyn Hewitt. We made ourselves comfortable then relaxed sipping bubbly as we watched the fireworks and the New Year come in.

Tears had appeared as I sat on the yacht reflecting of what had incurred in my life over the last few years. Since I have been told I am cured, I seem to have these amazing crying fits. Out of the blue anywhere, anytime, tears well up for no reason at all and I start crying like a baby.

Jeff, says that I have kept my emotions in check for over the last four years. I have aways tried to remain strong for my family and friends. Now my body is saying to me it is time to let go and move on to the next level of my life.

Crying is a great healer it helps regenerate and calm the body.

I would be very interested if anyone out there has experienced similar feelings like mine.

Welcome 2011 this is going to be an awe-inspiring year for me.


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