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Celebrating 29 years funding world class research in Australia

Today we celebrated the ACRF's 29th birthday, with a beautiful decorated cake made by our own office Masterchef, the lovely Cheryl.

Since its inception in 1984, the ACRF has provided over $86 million to world class cancer research in Australia with more than 70% of the total being provided to Australian researchers in the last seven years.

This has been made possible thanks to our amazing and loyal donors who have helped cancer researchers achieve amazing outcomes and make incredible progress in the fight against cancer.

At today's celebrations, the ACRF team was joined by super-volunteer and wife of the Late John Boettcher (one of our co-founding Board Members), Glenys Boettcher, who was given the honorary task of cutting the cake. We look forward to next year when we celebrate the "Big 3-0")!

Here's to many more years of helping world-class cancer researchers in the search for new treatments and cures for cancer.

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