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Claudie's Views and feelings of the new Chrysalis CD Album

Transcript of correspondence

From Claudia S

" Where to start. First 2 are showing that you can smile about gives hope to those who follow a same path.. no.4 really brings my tears..makes me think of my Colin. I miss what a celebration.. no.6 beautiful, for every parent..well sung too. No7 such a special person. No8 lovely 9.shout it out loud you are all someone.. I have played it through twice so far.. still tears..yet a smile here and there.. to see things positive, remembering going through a different world for awhile.. is good to remember, keeps us humble..and leads us to others who need our support. I remember my time in 2002. 9 years along, I still find moments to help others and be thankful of extra time..God held me in the palm of His hand and took me to another area of life... xxx claudia.... many 4 holds me close to my always will be important to me.."

3 brave ladies Transcript of correspondence from Claudia S

"You are 3 brave ladies..using your gifts, to put this together, Rosie it has been such a pleasure, in meeting you..and getting to know you and your husband as he supported all this too." " In having the printed words (to the song) meant I could sing along with you, even with tears..

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