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Father's day chocolates

Fathers Day has now come and gone. I had been very busy making chocolates of various sizes and with many different fillings prior to Fathers Day. These chocolates had covered my queen size bed. A week before Fathers Day a friend, Sally came and gave me a hand to sell some of these chocolates outside our local Post office. Colleen and Noel owners of the Post Office were very kind, generous and supportive. Jeff the owner of our local Dodges fish and chip shop was also very generous in supplying Sally and I a lovely cappuccino. Again I felt very privileged and humbled by the locals, their generosity was amazing. Even a local dog called Toby wanted to be involved. Thankyou everyone in Dodges Ferry for your wonderful support.

I would also like to thank Country Wide in Rosny for their support.

Everyone, I have spoken to know of someone who has, or have themselves experienced cancer. My aim is not to support one kind of cancer, I am supporting eradication of all cancers. The money that I collect through my chocolate sales go to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and then it is passed on to assist the Researchers to find ways to destroy the many different types of cancers.

Keep well and enjoy life Rosie:)

The many loads of chocolates. I had sweet dreams that night

Ready to sell my wares

Colleen, Noel and Sally

Sally and Toby

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