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In late 2012 after supporting the Firies who need to be congratulated after raising over $40.000 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. A truly amazing feat. Riding their bikes from Sydney to Hobart in fourteen days from the 1st Jan 2013. Well done.

Prior to my support in 2012, I had fallen over in the shower and my left shoulder was causing me plenty of angst. An xray had confirmed I had muscle and tendon tear. A Rotor cuff operation was required. Not a pleasant op, needed lots of recuperation.

In 2013 my hubby and I went on a trip of a life time, I guess you can say it was another of our bucket list dreams. Scenic Tours was wonderful. Our boat was called the Ruby what a fantastic adventure from Amsterdam to Prague. It was here on the boat that we met up with a delightful couple John and Margie.

Margie wrote to me recently upset about her dear friend Kaye. Kaye was about to start her second cancer journey. Margie had come up with an amazing idea. Her idea was to fill a box which she had named "I Love You Box" with lots of special items to help ease Kaye's pain as she went through her chemo treatment. Margie is going to be Kaye's buddy as she goes through her treament. I asked Margie and Kay if they would like to share this journey. Margie will be writing blogs and sending photos of their experiences hoping it will help others in similar situations.

Margie and her best friend Kaye Celebrating Margie's 60th birthday

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