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Kaye's first chemo session - I Love You Box

Hi, my name is Margaret & I’m blessed to have a wonderful friend Kaye. We have been friends for many years.

The years have bought us many memories; we have laughed & cried together always, staying close.

This year an ugly intruder has come into our lives---we don’t want him & plan to kick him out!!!!!

Kaye is so brave, strong & such a precious friend, I thought long & hard for an idea to cheer her up, something practical yet funny so we could get rid of tears for smiles.

I came up with an “I love you box” (or bag as it turned out!!)

I rang my friend Rosie---she helped me with ideas & put me on the right track.

I thought “practical----bald head—hats—in went two—one practical (I tried it on in the middle of shopping centre—no one laughed –in it went.

Funny--- I found a koala cap—his arms tie under chin—I thought cute—will get a few laughs, in he went. Kaye laughed more at my practical choice than my koala!!! (Warped sense of humour!!!!)

In went a nice soft throw rug to keep her snug whilst, having her treatment. A neck pillow, practical, but I found a bunny, nice & soft with removable wheat beads so he can be used as a heat pillow as well.

I put in Chrysalis a cd of Rosie’s music

I found a 1950 type eye shade so that whilst she is having her treatments (5hrs long) she can put them on & close out everything & have a nap, or if she wants me to be quiet she can put them on & I’ll get the message & read my book. (I’m her treatment buddy).

I found a lovely friendship book to show her how special she is.

I then arranged a lunch with Kaye’s mother & daughter & we called it “Scarf Pay”

Peta & I googled “How to wear head scarfs for cancer patients”. Great ideas, we all tried them on—much laughing, one 80+ 0ne 60+ one nearly 60 & one young thing who looked good in whatever we did to her, but we didn’t look too bad!!!! It was great fun & showed Kaye some different ways to look good.

I must say that all this has helped me to feel that I’m doing something to help my friend & her family, so I’m hoping that it will give others ideas on how to help our friends & family on these journeys that they need to go on to be healed.

Always believe in a little bit of magic,



Kaye is being comforted by her little bunny, on her first bout of chemo.

Kaye relaxing with her two gifts from the "I Love You Box"