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The Love Box 2

Hello once again, I thought that I would give you all an update on Kaye’s journey. She had a 3 week gap between Ist & 2nd treatment which saw her tired & with some manageable pain, the worst was the balls of her feet which resulted in a change of drugs which hopefully will suit her better. Sadly the biggest change was to her lovely hair, she had to let it go Sunday night. Peta, Kaye’s lovely daughter shaved her own head after she tidied up her mum’s head.

Thursday of last week saw us on treatment no. two, four more to go. One good thing that came with the change of drugs is that the time of treatment has been shortened by a few hours.

I thought that I would make a fool of myself in order to make a friend laugh (I wasn’t brave like Peta) so when Kaye & her father Larry picked me up I had on my head an elephant hat which I wore all day & which I’m pleased to report did indeed get many a laugh (see the lengths that this treatment buddy goes too!!!!!!) Kaye said at one stage that her head was very itchy & that a bag of frozen peas gave her some relief, well the thought of her sitting with the bag of peas on her bald head made me laugh BUT there I was sitting with my elephant on my head so we both had a good giggle over that.

I thought that I would share something with you all, which could give someone an idea to help in a really good way. Peta went on line & found a couple who, will take Kaye’s dog Jamie for long respite care which is a really practical way to help. Jamie is a Lassie dog and needs a lot of care. I just thought that was a wonderful idea.

I’ve put in a few photos, one of Nurse Ann hooking Kaye up & one of two best friends having a good laugh. As soon as I can I will show you a photo of the most wonderful Angel, Kaye’s mother Joan who has been with her night & day. Joan, your one in a million my love.

Always believe in a little bit of magic,



Margie having fun wearing this elephant hat to cheer Kaye up

Two best friends having a laugh

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