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The Love Box 3 and 4

Well, my dear friend has finished her 3rd treatment (no photo this time) but as promised, I have sent pictures of our wonderful Angels Joan & Larry Kaye's parents. Larry transports Kaye to her treatments, (picks me up as well). He drives Joan back and forth, does shopping and whatever else is needed of him and gives up his wife & companion (of over 60 years) so she can stay with Kaye to take care of her on her "down" time.

After treatment: No.3. Kaye came down with a bad bladder infection, which left her feeling very tired but always positive, she tells us, “I have still got my nails.” Taste is a worry for her still she can’t wait till it comes back!!!!

Kaye's 4th bout of chemo

Well, on to treatment No 4, which was this Wednesday boy, talk about blunt needles. This nurse is very nice but she doesn't get that needle in easily. Poor Kaye I felt like crying just watching her gritting her teeth. But in it went eventually and all went well from than on. From days 3 till 11 after each treatment is Kaye's "down" time she is really tired and not well.

Seven weeks on and her nails are tingly but looking good which she is happy about.

Kaye with her beautiful mum, Joan

Kaye with her dear father Larry

Peta, Kaye's daughter had shaved her hair to support her mum

Well, that's about all till August then No 5 only one more treatment to go and my very special friend can recover and get her life as she knows it back again. She can’t wait

Always believe in a little bit of magic



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