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Love box No. 5

Well here we are up to treatment No 5 on Kaye’s journey through the dreaded chemotherapy!

kaye saying hi

The past 3 weeks have been very challenging for her as she was admitted into hospital 12 days after her last treatment with heavy bleeding and a lot of pain. An ultrasound found nothing amiss

After 2 units of blood and heavy duty, antibiotics and all the usual drips etc, combined with 2 days rest Kaye came home. I’m pleased to say that she has improved out of sight.

Cheeky lovely nurse Anne

Thursday’s treatment went well. After “hook up,” Kaye and I had morning tea. Photo to show how much we enjoy this. Chocolate éclair with cream (thinking of calories---we halved it). Lamingtons (small—one each) and a few chocolates. We like our own cups for our tea--- just like home.

Kaye and Margie enjoying a wicked morning tea

Kaye walking off her morning tea


Friday saw Kaye tired again, but she was smiling and looking good considering what she has just gone through. Nails are still ok and Dove soap has stopped the itchy head, which still has no sign of hair as yet.

Best of all there is only one more treatment to go and on that day 4th September at 9am we shall be partying (after hook up).

Well until September,

Always believe in a little bit of magic

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