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What is chemo brain?

It is cognitive changes that occur due to the side effects caused from chemotherapy. This can cause an array of different concerns such as: remembering things, short attention span, easily confused when told new information.

I certainly found this out when I was going through my chemo treatment. It’s funny it didn’t even occur to me I was actually experiencing this problem.

It had frustrated me and my family and friends. They would talk to me but I would not always comprehend what was being said. I had a very short attention span. I found I could not read a complete book or enjoy watching TV all I wanted to do was sit and daydream.

Whilst I was having radiation treatment I had come across a magazine in the waiting room. It was called “The People’s Friend”. I was hooked. What I loved about this magazine was the short stories and the wonderful history of Scotland and England. I kept buying these magazines as I went through my chemo. I ended up with so many. I eventually passed them on to a dear friend to give to her daughter who was also suffering from cancer.

I had lost count how many times I forgot about the boiled eggs on the stove. I had burnt many pots and the loss of many eggs. I was very lucky I had not burnt the house down. Poor hubby had to keep an eye on me when I was cooking.

Even my music teacher had noticed my decrease in concentration and memory. I would become so frustrated that I could not remember my music lessons.

Between the magazines and my music, it did take me to another world and eventually I had slowly recovered.

I now find I have to write everything down on my calendar. I even have notes scattered around my home and on my phone.

Due to the residue of radiation and chemo I know I will never be fully recovered with my memory. Oh for, the pre-cancer days.

Keep Well and Enjoy life

Rosie :)

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