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Love Box No: 6

Well here we are at the final chemo session—joy oh joy!!!!

Kaye had a few problems before she reached No: 6- Aug 28t. She needed another blood ransfusion so we found ourselves at the Nepean Outreach Centre where the lovely nurse Jillian looked after her. I have added Jillian’s photo

Kaye and Nurse Jillian

Treatment day came and all went well. We took a box of homemade rocky road as a thankyou gift to the wonderful nurses who took such good care of Kaye. Photo included- We were going to party but thought no—other folk were not as advanced in their treatment as Kaye--- but we were partying on the inside—you’ve gotta believe it!!!!!

Nurse Carmal and Nurse Tracey eating homemade rocky road

Kaye and Nurse Carmal

Kaye and Robin

Kaye and Nurse Tora

Kaye and Nurse Stacey

Kaye and Nurse Tora

Kaye off for a scan

8th Sept Kaye had developed a high temperature and was sent her back to the hospital where she was admitted. After blood tests it was discovered that her potassium levels were very low so she had 5 bags hooked up and fed through an IV line. Looking up at one stage I saw something to laugh about---the 5 bags hanging on the drip stand looked like cow udders—what can I say---small things amuse small minds!!!!

I felt sooooo sorry for her, the potassium was so painful the nurses were wonderful and kept slowing it down but then it took longer to go through, ended up in hospital for 5 days.

She never really picked up though and after another blood test it was found that her magnesium levels were down. After that she was sorted and came good (she said that the attention was stopping, so she thought she would do something to get it back) which worked I’m here to tell you all!!!!!

Well here we are 10th Oct, all is well except a bit of fluid in her ankles and feet which is stopping our walking programme from getting off to a good start ( I’m suspicious—don’t you worry!!!)

Kaye's appetite is back—hence the importance of exercise—mainly because the taste buds are once again working. Kaye is happy to report that her nails are still attached though very sore and has found keeping them short has helped.

Another thing I will mention is that now the warmer weather is here all Kaye’s lovely soft wool hats are a bit too hot on her head. So thinking all the time I went to my lovely neighbour Willemina who has already made hats for Kaye and asked her about cotton patterns to which she replied “Leave it with me. ” The next week over came a lovely mauve hat with a lighter flower and yellow heart to be sewn on if it fitted which it did. So, I told Madam Kaye that she had been malingering long enough so she could sew on her own flower---which she did!!! Photo included, Thank you Willemina Aunty Sis & Rachel for the lovely hats that you’ve made. They were lovely and greatly appreciated.

Kaye showing off her beautiful handmade hat by Willemina

All hats will go to the cancer clinics donation box when Kaye’s lovely hair has grown back.

Well! I have just spoken to Kaye and I can report that she is feeling very well and you can hear it in her voice which is just fabulous.


I am a Rabbitohs supporter “till I die” and look what our boys did after 43 years---THEY WON the 2014 NRL GRAND FINAL. Glory! Glory to South Sydney!!!! Poor Kaye is a Storm supporter as she hails from Victoria.

Thank you Rosie for putting Kaye’s story on your blog. I have enjoyed writing it and hope that it might give some ideas on how to help those we love,




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