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Ray's story on depression

Hi everyone

I would like to introduce to you, this amazing man, Raymond Dodkins. Not only has he been through depression but also cancer.

Here is a preamble of his story:

Hi my name is Raymond J Dodkins that is also my Pen name. I like most people who have travelled the journey of life, have been confronted with events that have been both mentally disturbing and physically challenging; these events affect Men and Women in different ways and to different levels of disturbance in their lives, Woman have a far better attitude mentally than men and can confront a personal issue with a far better resolve than men. In my case the braking of all the spurs at the base of my spine was an instant change in my mobility and life style and changed my awareness of how quickly your comfort zone in life can change, lucky for me my support base was efficient and my attitude was a sense of control, but on the other hand at a later time in life my commitments both physically and financially were greater and finding my partner gone and the mortgage level a financial burden even when employed enormous, and to then find out a month later I was being made redundant and now would have to cope with a mortgage of around $2500 per month, and at the time this represented two thirds of a salary I now was not earning. Like all triggers in life some affect each person differently and to a greater degree, in My case absolute Depression and after a couple of life threaten incidents I spent two years on government paid counseling and although extremely helpful in moving ahead in life it offered no Answers as to why I despised my actions and what I was doing and why. After a time of inner thinking I developed an understanding as to why I like all men went into Denial mood and became their own worst enemy, so I penned my thoughts and Wrote “Awareness Recognition Control against depression”. Only a year after publishing the book my thoughts and understanding became my savior in dealing with a large melanoma about the size of a golf ball, it was surgically removed and affected my life stability and mobility. The knowledge that I became Diabetic after my first encounter with Depression and this hindered the healing process, all added to the potential of a reoccurring emotional drama, Doctors comments that this will take six months to heal further sealed the life concerns, the Question now was is it all gone ? Will it reoccur?

My now developed understanding and answers stopped the events being misunderstood. I am now engaged in the second Book to hopefully expand the understanding and with some luck this personal self understanding will assist both men and women alike in dealing with the events we encounter on our life`s journey and quest for inner self confidence and some control of events around us.

Always Remembering Pain shared is half the pain!

Love shared is twice the love! Be kind to yourselves and enjoy the sunrise.

Hoping to enlighten and relieve the emotional loads of life Raymond J Dodkins

You can buy Ray's book online

Keep well and enjoy life


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