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The Little Pink Surgery

Hi, my name is Margaret & I was diagnosed with breast cancer December 2012. I have had regular mammograms since 1990 so I was very lucky in that I had very early treatment. My lymph nodes were not affected.

My husband & I found ourselves on a round of doctors & tests then more of both before I was put into hospital for a lumpectomy which was done with the aid of a guide-wire. I recovered well but had to wait for the testing to come back, (over Christmas is not a good time for this) & finally when we got the results they showed cells that were not cancerous but would turn in 4 to 5 back I went for a mastectomy.

i decided to have a reconstruction & my surgeon was very good & gave us options. I chose the Latissimus Dorsi Flap. This procedure is using your own tissue from your back. It’s a long operation but I felt it was worth it, as I didn’t have anything foreign placed in my body like a prosthetic… breast implant. She also saved my nipple.

Because I had the mastectomy, I had no radiation or chemo to worry about (I had a wig picked out in case!!!) and I feel my ordeal was less stressful.

Through all this we regularly visited my surgeon in her “Little Pink Breast Cancer House” (I have added a photo). On the white door hangs, hot pink beads.

I hope my story encourages more to share their experiences on Rosie's Web and Chrysalis Face book any other doctors have “pink’'” offices or ones that put a smile on your face if so lets hear from you after all smiles & laughter really does help us sooooo much.

Never give up

Always Believe in a Little Bit of Magic.


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