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Merry Christmas to all my Website and Facebook friends

Early April 1996 I had just come home from working an early shift at the Nambour Hospital. My hubby! Jeff said, “hurry up and get changed we are going for a drive”. We left around 4:30 pm and we drove and drove, I had no idea where we were going. Finally, we had come to a township called “Woodford”. We drove a few more miles and by this time it was starting to get dark. Eventually we drove up a long driveway into a farmyard. I could see miniature horses in one paddock, goats in another. Two dogs were running around barking. We walked to the front door and knocked. The farmer’s wife a very cheerful lady greeted us. I was still unaware what was going on. As we walked into a very large covered area I noticed three large rooms and in these rooms were mother cats with their kittens I became very excited. Jeff wanted to surprise and reward me, after my three long hard years studying nursing at the Griffith University, on the Gold Coast. I had now graduated from an Enrolled Nurse to a Registered Nurse.

I walked around and looked at the beautiful little kittens. I saw this dear little funny coloured Siamese kitten. She came over to me and that was it. I was in love. Jeff kept saying. “What about this one or this beautiful creamy coloured one.” He could not sway me. I was hooked. I heard a deep voice it was the farmer. He said, “Great choice she is my favourite, she has a wonderful, gentle disposition”. As he was talking to me the mother cat had come down the stairs with a piece of cooked chicken in her mouth and had dropped it in front of her kitten. The farmer said, “The mother cat has just raided my dinner”. We laughed. I felt for mumma cat, because she knew her little one was leaving her.

I found out that, the mother cat was a red point and the father was a chocolate point Siamese. This made our little kitten a “Tortie” Point or “tortoiseshell” Siamese due to her mottled tortoiseshell patterns.

She had the most amazing jade like eyes. Hence! I named her “Jadee”.

Jadee Cuddling Daffy Duck

Sadly I lost my beautiful little girl Jadee recently. She was 19 years and 7 months. She passed away peacefully at 3am in my arms December 6.

This dear little cat was always by my side even when I was going through all my Cancer treatments. She had brought so much pleasure with her love and feistiness into my life. I will miss her dearly.

Jadee loved Christmas

What is it about animals? I mean all animals, not just cats and dogs. Elephant’s, monkey’s, lion’s, wombat’s, zebra’s and bird’s. The list goes on and on they all give us so much unconditional love and comfort. Animals brighten up our days when we are lonely or suffering from many various health conditions. Our family have enjoyed many cats and two dogs over the years.

Rastus keeping an eye on me while I am sleeping after a night shift

Ben the wanderer

Carly loved the beach and rolling on crabs then eating them

Back: Trixie Bell, "Boofie and Suzie" found our home and stayed.

Now this brings me to another topic dear to my heart. Ever since Jeff and I had moved to Hobart in 2002, we noticed each year at Christmas and Easter, a farm in Sorell was decorating one of its fields with various statues of African animals. Each year the theme changed. One of my favourites was Santa in his sleigh with his team of six white boomers (kangaroos) ready to magically travel around the world to deliver the toys to all the girls and boys.

I remember during the Christmas of 2007, Being driven by my husband past these displays during the many, many trips for my cancer treatments and again in 2008, with a more aggressive cancer, getting such comfort, hope and joy. It was bringing out my inner child and I would reflect on the numerous childrens' books I had read. My favourite was “BABAR and FATHER CHRISTMAS” by Jean De Brunhoff. Even when the festive seasons were over, a collection of statues would remain as an attraction for all to enjoy. I was touched by the work of the artist to socially connect with the public.

This year I decided I wanted to thank who ever it was with a Christmas card. I could not find the letterbox so I decided to walk up to the house. Here I met a lovely young man, who told me it was his mum who created all these amazing animals. He was kind enough to take me down to the field, so I could take a few photos of this years beautiful Christmas decorations.

If you are visiting our wonderful state around Christmas or Easter and are heading out of Hobart towards Port Arthur, just a few miles out of Sorell on your left hand side. Keep an eye out for this amazing, magical wonderland of beautifully crafted animals and, you may even see Santa or the Easter Bunny,

I am pleased to say I am now heading into my 8th year of remission.

I would like to wish you all a very

Happy New Year

Keep Safe and Healthy and enjoy life to the fullest in 2016


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