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My trip to Westmead Hospital

Margie rang one evening In October to tell me what had happened to her when she drove her dear friend Kaye to the Westmead Hospital. She made me laugh so much, that it brought tears to my eyes and I nearly wet myself. Please enjoy Margie's amazingly funny story.


Margie"s Story

My precious friend is having a bad day...I listen, hug, make a cup of tea and talk

She has an appointment at Westmead hospital and I volunteered to go with her for company.

Away we go talking all the way. I have no idea what roads we were on or where we were except near Westmead Hospital.

The appointment is for 2.45pm and there is a car in front of us so we go around to the next car park where we drive around looking for a park for 20 or so minutes with the clock ticking so we decide to go back to the first car park. Now, there are three cars in front of us...clock now says 2.40pm. So I say ok! Kaye, you go in for the appointment and I will park the car. Now this is a BIG deal for me as (1) I don’t like to drive, (2) I hate to drive someone else’s car and (3} it’s like a four wheel drive thing...OMG! What have I done?

Anyway, Kaye helps me to move the seat forward. She gives me the keys and away she goes.

The cars in front go in and I see the boom gate is up so in I go. A few little hops but I get the hang of it and see a lady going to her car. So I wait for her to drive out so I can go in. Ten minutes later out she comes, while she is doing whatever she is doing, with me in full view patiently waiting. I start to panic about getting this big car in such a tiny space. Out she comes and I get half way in and stop. I can’t see out the side mirrors how close I am to the other car. Now! There are three cars lined up behind me. OMG! Stress is bad. I can’t park this thing so I go up to the first car and explain to the driver (Indian male) that it’s not my car. I can’t park it and will he do it for me to which he replies NO! And no one else will do it because of insurance! I tell him well I can’t do it so what can I do? He is not at all helpful so I go back to the beastly heap of metal, which is Kaye’s pride and joy when I notice that someone is at the window talking to me. Hard of hearing I can’t hear him with the window up but how do I get it down? Ha! That’s how and down it comes, it’s the Indian gent come to help me park. Thank you so much I’m in and away he goes.

Now I realize that the bloody car is parked but I have no ticket to get it out so I decide to go and see what I can do. BUT! how do I turn off the beast. I have the keys in my hand and it’s still running. I look at instrument panel and see a stop/start button ok, I press it and alls quiet so I open the door to get out but see that the window is down and won’t come up. Ok! I press the start button I’m nervous about this so I have my foot on the brake just in case. Up goes the window. Thank you God and away I go to find out about the ticket.

A nice lady says no worries just press the button and tell them the gate was up and they will let us out. Wonderful, I feel good now but I need to visit the toilet, which I find after a bit of a walk. Coming out I realized I don’t remember which way I came in. Remembering Kaye’s doctor’s name I ask directions to his rooms. I have to find the lift and go to level 3 but I can’t find the lift. So I ask a nice lad and he takes me up some stairs to the lift so in I get. Doors open on level three but it’s dark and I cannot see anyone and think, “If I get lost there’s no one to ask” so I go back down. OMG! What level do I have to go too? Take a guess now where the bloody hell am I!!!!

I come across a lady worker so I ask her for help. Where do you want to go? The car park...which one...I don’t know…which way did you come in? I don’t know... but my friend had an appointment with this doctor. Ok! I’ll ring. Oh! She has left ok. I have her friend who is lost and I can’t leave her on her own. OMG! She thinks I’m a little lost child!! I remember that I have a phone. Ha! I’ll ring goes to message. Now what! Then all of a sudden it rings. It’s Kaye, I’m so happy. I give the phone to the nice lady who talks to her and OMG she can take me to her. I’m not lost anymore...I’m found.

So back to the car we go and my wonderful friend drives us home laughing all the way. Two days later we are still laughing and telling the story to the delight of everyone.

I have told my very special friend that there is just no limit to the lengths that I’m prepared to go to make her happy.

The dreaded beastly heap of metal

Laughter really is the best medicine.

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