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Early this year I decided to explore other ways of raising money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. The Tasmanian stone fruit season was coming into maturity and I thought about making apricot and ginger jam. Little did I know this was going to be a big challenge for me.

I spoke to Angie and Tony the owners of the Orani Vineyard and Fruit Farm here in Sorell, Hobart Tasmania about my plans of jam making to raise money for the ACRF and would it be possible for Jeff and I to collect the wind fall fruit. They were more than pleased to donate their fruit and directed us to a grove of Moore Park apricot trees and instructed us to pick what we needed from the trees rather than the wind fall fruit.

After Jeff and I collected the apricots our friend's, Debra and Chong came over to our house and we commenced making jam. what fun we had..... gloves on Jeff, Debra and Chong commenced washing and removing the seeds then slicing the apricots. We then placed all the ingredients in different size pots. The aroma of cooking apricots filled the air. As the apricots were slowly cooking I commenced sterilizing the jam jars. Delighted and tired after our amazing evening effort in making up sixty jars of apricot and apricot and ginger jam we relaxed and celebrated with a well deserved drink.


About to sterilize the jam jars

Jam ready to be placed into the jars

To our pleasant surprise, Angie and Tony also kindly offered to sell my jams at their farm gate outlet

Finished product on shelf

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