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LOVE BOX NO: 8 Farewell Kaye

Best friends: Margie and Kaye

I met Margie and her husband John in 2013 as we relaxed on our Scenic boat Tour adventure from Amsterdam to Prague. A wonderful friendship has blossomed.

Early 2014 Margie rang very upset about her dear friend Kay. She was to start her second cancer journey. Margie mentioned to me about an amazing idea she was thinking of to help make Kaye’s treatment more bearable.

Her idea was to make up a special “I Love You Box” with items that would help to comfort Kaye. I told Margie that this was a wonderful idea as Margie was going to be Kaye’s buddy throughout her treatment.

Chemo time


I asked Margie and Kaye if they would like to share their journey on my “rosiescancerfund” web site.


Dear friend Margie acting the elephant clown

We have journeyed through Seven “I Love Box” stories. Seeing the love and support, the highs and the lows, the laughter, the sadness and the frustrations.

Kaye was laughing at Margie's elephant hat

Kaye taking a stroll

Kaye and her mum Joan

Kaye and her dad Larry

Kaye and her daughter Peta

Kaye and Margie wishing me a Merry Christmas

Margie visiting me in Tasmania

I loved the blog written by Margie about “My trip to Westmead Hospital” I nearly wet myself from laughing.

Margie very stressed

Margie and Kaye laughing about the car incident

September 2 2016

My dear friend Margie rang me to say her beautiful friend: “Kaye got her Angel wings today".

Kaye is now above looking down smiling, with her beautiful Angel's wings, outstretched and comforting her family and friends.

Farewell our beautiful friend

One Day We Will meet Again

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