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Garage Sale

Here I go again, my third garage sale this year for a great cause " The Australian Cancer Research Foundation".

I do love cleansing and that means getting rid of “Stuff” “If you don’t use it; lose it” is my motto.

We were fortunate that our neighbour a dear friend had allowed us to use his carport, as we were uncertain of the weather. Come Friday, I was madly making cakes hoping to generate a little extra money to donate. Onions, snags, bread serviettes, Gas, BBQ ready to go.

Jeff and I woke up at six, showered had breakfast then quickly went down to commence setting up the tables. Around seven thirty another friend Louise arrived and commenced to set up her table. I had one table organized and was getting the second table ready for the cakes. By this time it was around 8:45am.

Jeff had just driven off to place the garage signs around the neighbourhood. When our neighbour from next door, who had kindly donated stuff for us to sell for our cause, arrived for a sausage. However, the BBQ had not been turned on yet. We were going to commence cooking around ten thirty. So I put Mary to work happily placing bread and serviettes together.

Louise is enjoying her cup of tea and Jeff is setting up the BBQ

By this time, I had to quickly go and collect my cakes. I had just organized them, on the table when I noticed two ladies had arrived and were looking around. One lady was bald and I said to her “I have been there. Are you still having treatment?” She told me she had not long finished the Chemo and will soon be having radiation. I said the money I am raising is going to the “Australian Cancer Research Foundation”. I also mentioned I had a web site and would she be interested in having a photo with me to upload as content. With that said,

Felicity asked, “Do you mind if I go home and have a shower and put some makeup on”. I said “no problem”.

Here I am, sitting with my wares

Jeff had now come back and commenced the BBQ. My neighbour was now looking forward to happily munching on her sausage whilst watching people come and go for a while before she went home.

Jeff cooking the sausages & onions

Meanwhile Felicity and her friend had arrived back with two very large bags filled with clothing and shoes telling us what ever we sold can go to my cause.

Jeff quickly took a few photos of Felicity and myself eating our sausages for the web page. I thanked both Felicity and her friend for their support before they departed.

Felicity and I enjoying our sausages

Many wonderful people came and went all day long supporting my cause. Some remained for a little while to tell me of their experiences of cancer and loss of family members and how others touched them in similar circumstances. We all have our individual stories and what an amazing way to share with others who have experienced the “Big cancer journey “’. It is such an Australian way to share stories at a garage sale eating BBQ sausages and cakes.

Jeff and I came home so tired after the cleaning up. But before we put our feet up, I prepared a cup of tea for us to wash down one of my apple cakes. I was horrified to discover that a few were not quite cooked through. Jeff was lucky enough to score one of the perfect ones. I slept uneasy that night knowing someone ate a slightly uncooked apple cupcake.

Delighted to say we had raised $275.00

$770.00 has been raised from the three garage sales.

Hubby and I are now so over Garage sales…however…

Keep Well and Enjoy Life


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