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Farewell Emotional Baggage

It is Monday 17th April, I cannot believe how fast time has flown, as I rummage through the box compiled, of all my medical history of my Cancer experiences.

It was time for me to finally move forward and scan and discard all the unnecessary paper work that had accumulated from 2007.

I decided to divide all the paper work into years and dates. This took longer than I thought. I commenced scanning the next day.

Two days later it was completed. It felt so therapeutic like this huge weight, had been lifted off my mind and body as I placed my scanned info into the depths of my computer and the shredded paper into my compost bin.

Preparing to shred

The memories came flooding back, as I reread all of what I had endured of my Cancer experiences. So many visits to my G.P. and Oncologist.

The waiting game with Jeff and Amy

So many different treatments and procedures such as:

My uncomfortable plane trips back and forth to the mainland for Pet Scans. Blood tests, Gastroscopes, CT scans. Bone marrow procedures, Minuscule tatts procedure prior to Radiation therapy. Gated Heartpool scan, prior to chemotherapy treatment.

It also, brought back my stomach pains and bruised arms from so many needles. The side affects from the radiation and chemo and the unpleasant surgery on my neck.

CT Scan

Waiting for my Bone Marrow procedure

Radiation time table

Holman Clinic Rad Lab: Royal Hobart Hospital

Another aggressive cancer found in neck

Chemotherapy time table

First day of chemo

The effects of chemo

Nov 2008: Finally in remission

In March 2009 I finally had a window of opportunity. My stem cells were collected over a three day period and yes this was another very painful experience. But my attitude was… “This is good pain”. What an amazing gift for my 60th birthday to have my stem cells stored away in case of a future setback.

Stem cell time table

In 2010, I was diagnosed with a condition called Hypogammaglobulinemia this is due to Immunodeficiency, due to the radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

My treatment for this was monthly intravenous Intragrams. This is a blood product to build up my bodies, immune system.

This treatment was commenced on Friday 3rd March 2010 and completed on the 14/1/2011.

Another painful experience with a few side affects such as:

Feeling unwell, headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Intragram time table

All the X-rays will go to a place called Shred-X in Hobart where they are broken down for the Silver, which will be extracted and reused again.

Tasmania X-ray recycling

CMA Ecocycle Australia info for anyone interested in recycling their old x-rays.

It felt surreal going through my cancer story as I placed everything in order.

I pray that the Big ”C” will never ever, darken my door again.

Keep Well and Enjoy Life


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