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Rosie Goes Rap

Have you ever thought I would like to try and create a different music genre? As I had mentioned earlier in my blogs I have been studying music with a difference called Simply Music and I did say it makes you think outside the square. Not only has music helped me through my two Cancers in 2007/2008 and all the painful treatments that went along with it. I have also enjoyed creating my own compositions.

Nearly two years ago a thought came to me, wouldn’t it be fun to try and compose a different genre each year. At that time I thought how about a rap. Not having a clue what rap is all about I contacted my son’s friend Courtney in London to see if he could advise me of this subject.


He was very helpful and suggested I research various rap singers and how to write verses. He also mentioned hooks and so on. What is a hook? Onto the web I go. I found out that the hook/chorus is a short riff or phrase that needs to be catchy to the listener’s ear.

Also, I found out that rap is a modern form of poetry and the lyrics are personal and tell your story. I needed a theme a title along with my lyrics. All three came quickly to me but I was not sure where to go from there.

As it was Jeff’s 70th birthday in January this year we had decided to go and visit our children overseas. Prior to going I had organized a party and surprised him with a couple of dear friends.

Jan and Trevor surprising the birthday boy

I wanted to continue this celebration on our round the world trip. Our first stop over was London. Here we had a lovely time with our son Travers, daughter-in-law Rosalie and her parents for three weeks. Our next stop over was Seattle. Another wonderful three weeks enjoyed with our daughter Amy and our son-in-law Cam.

One evening I asked Cam who is so musically talented if he knew much about rapping. Silly me, of course he would know. I told him of my idea and he was very pleased to be able to help me out. He looked at my lyrics and showed me how to improve them and asked me what music I had. I played him a piece that I had composed late last year and he said “perfect”. In the meantime he got me to listen to different types of rapping. There was one I really liked it was called “Same Love" by Macklemore.

On our last evening in Seattle Amy and I went down to Cam’s amazing music studio.

Firstly, Cam explained to me what he a will be doing. Secondly, he got me to play my piece of music.

Then he placed the earphones on my head and explained how to speak into the microphone.

After I had done my rapping/hook my daughter then followed after me repeating the hook.

We then left Cam to do his magic. About an hour later Cam came up with the completed music. I was so impressed and I loved what he had produced for me.

The Rap is called “Eradicate Cancer” the lyrics are of my story and what I had endured throughout my time with the big “C”. I am sure others who have been through this experience will understand where I am coming from.

I would also, like to thank my son Travers who had organized this wonderful Wix Web site for me and his magic ways of placing up all my music onto the site.

My new song is below - enjoy! :)

Keep Well and Enjoy Life


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